Thankful Thursday: Pictures

I am thankful for pictures. They evoke memories. I love looking back at my life and seeing myself grow up. I love to see pictures of my grandpa. He went to be with Jesus when I was five. I love recording memories of my daughter, Aliana, play and grow everyday. I like that I can look through old photos of my friends and experience the nostalgia that it brings. 


A picture brought my husband to me.


I left pictures of myself for my close friends the first time I left after  staying for an extend period of time in Honduras. I wanted them to have something to remember me by. In an indirect way, that’s how I started dating my husband. 


You see, I left a picture with my friend Yessly. Little did I know that one night another friend locked herself out of her house. There was a group of people with her, and they were looking for a credit card or something hard that they could try and use to open the door. (Remember, they live in Honduras.) No one had one, so my picture, which was laminated, was offered up. Moya, my husband, was trying to use that picture to open the door. He failed, but he ended up keeping my picture. One day, months later, I mentioned that fact that I saw him to my friend Yessly. They proceeded to tell me that he “stole” my picture from her. I went to look for him, but couldn’t find him, so I asked for his phone number and sent him a message asking about the picture. We started talking and the rest is history.

Guess where he has kept his picture since the day he got it? His wallet. Yes, he still keeps it there today.  


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