The Beast


My dad hollered at me a few days ago while he was playing with Aliana, my daughter. I went to see what was up and I encountered my daughter playing with her Disney Little People Princesses and Princes. He asked Aliana, “Who is this?” as he held up the Beast. Aliana replied without hesitating, “Da-Da!” She continued to call him Da-Da. She gave him kisses when she was asked to kiss her daddy. It was very humorous. I have no idea where she learned this, though I suspect my dad taught her.

I told my husband about it and the next day he held out the beast and asked her, “Who is this?” Aliana responded by looking down in shame and saying, “Nope.” She did this three times before finally saying, “Da-Da!” and giving the beast kisses.

Aliana 1- Daddy 0.


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