Thankful Thursday: Running Water

Today I am thankful for running water. It seems like such a simple thing, but many go without for days, weeks, and even months. I found out the hard way that I could go all year without electricity, but dreaded even going one day without running water. I found out I liked having clean hands, clean hair, a clean body. I realized I liked having clean dishes and utensils. I craved cleanliness. I lived in many places that the water would stop and be gone for months. I lived in others that it would only be gone days or hours, but it was never scheduled. I remember coming home from a day trip to the river to swim with Moya and his family, only to find out that there was no water when we got home. No way to wash the mud off of my body. No way to get clean. I hated lying down on clean shirts with my dirty self. It made me feel icky. Today I thank God for the clean water that I have and remember those who are not so lucky. I remember those who go without. I remember those who carry buckets for miles so they can have water in their homes to bathe, wash clothes, and clean dishes. I remember the simplicity, but I also remember the challenge.


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