What’s in a Name?

We’ve had so many people ask about the name we picked for our daughter, so I thought I would explain here. It’s Breysi Jayde. The questions are all about Breysi. First of all, it’s pronounced just like it sounds in Spanish. In English it rhymes with Gracie and Macy. I have yet to find a real meaning for the name Breysi in neither English nor Spanish. Here is what it means to us:

Imagine being in a third world country where poverty is the norm and the middle class is a myth of a faraway land. Imagine having a child and not being able to care for her, being so desperate that you threw her out. Maybe you couldn’t stand to listen to her cries because she was hungry. Maybe you had mental health problems and weren’t able to afford proper care and just couldn’t think clearly enough to care for your child. Maybe you were so desperate you didn’t want to go on living any longer either. I don’t know the story of Breysi’s mother, but I do know her story. I met her at Casa Cielo Orphanage in Honduras (where I volunteered for a year) when she was three. She had  been abandoned as a baby, cast off like a piece of trash, and when she was found she was being eaten alive by ants. I’ve heard stories like this on the news, but I’d never met the victim of one. It was hard to see the sweet little toddler and understand why anyone would ever abandon her, especially not to a painful death. But then again, I don’t know her mother’s story. I imagine it must have been an ugly one tainted by enormous trials so great that I can’t even fathom them in order to leave her baby girl to die. Breysi survived and blossomed into a wonderful, beautiful, loving girl. She’s a survivor. She always knew how to bring a smile to my face. To me, the name Breysi means strength, perseverance, and hope. I think of redemption and salvation. She reminds me of the love my Heavenly Father has for me. This sweet little girl had a dark beginning, and her life has only gotten better from there. I am so thankful that she survived and that she got to be part of my life.

Breysi & me

Breysi wasn’t my favorite (I’m not sure you can say that I had one) at the orphanage. She was just the one with the coolest name (in my opinion). All of the children had rough beginnings taken from awful situations of neglect. Almost all were malnourished. They all have had to be such strong kids. They are all survivors of some tragic past. I could have just as easily picked any of their names. The name Breysi is a sort of tribute to all the kids of Casa Cielo Orphanage, the year I spent there, the hardships the kids endured as babies, the trials that came while I was there, the hope that they have for a brighter future and my heart that was forever changed.

My husband went with my daughter and me to the orphanage in 2012 to meet the kids that had had such a great impact on my life. He also saw a similarity in their stories and my pregnancy story and thought Breysi was a fitting name for our child. Baby Breysi Jayde had a rough beginning. You can read about it here if you haven’t already. Just when it was beginning the doctor told me it was ending. I didn’t think that my baby would make it past 10 weeks much less until January. I’m so thankful for where we are at and praying for a healthy baby come April. She’s my miracle and I don’t think I could have picked a more appropriate name for her. She’s strong and we have persevered. We thank Jesus for that.

So, maybe Breysi is a strange name, but we love it.


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